Friday, January 21, 2005

I heart my Police Department

I've lived in the same town for five years now, and except for one speeding ticket the week I moved in, I've had no encounters with my local police department. Until this week.

I brought a letter to the shiny, new police station, and asked the very nice records clerk if she could type up the background check letter for me. (I gave the letter to her in hard copy and on a floppy in case she wanted to just fill in the blanks.) Not only was it no problem, the notary fees were waived! How COOL is that?! She said that because it was for an adoption, they really try to help out the people of the community, and wished us "good luck"!

I do believe I will be donating to the next police function I possibly can. I also may drop off a batch of cookies for them. :)

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twirl said...

That's wonderful! I'll be following your adoption story. Good luck to you.