Saturday, February 26, 2005

The biggest next step

One commenter (thanks for posting!!!) asked the biggest question: How will this affect the adoption. Well, the good news is: it won't.

Russia is temporarily closed due to the new laws (only to people just starting, etc.). There are still people travelling, and adopting, just the people at the beginning of the process are going to have to wait a little longer. So for our purposes, Russia is closed until June.

This will work to our advantage because it will give us time to move, get adjusted and get settled in our new location. We'll have to have our homestudy amended or re-done, but we're not sure which quite yet.

So if Russia opens up in June, and then the clock starts ticking for 6-8 months? It honestly couldn't be more perfect.

So the move is having the intended affect -- distraction. Ok, God, I get it. LOL

Sometimes, the big guy upstairs has a really twisted sense of humor. Thanks for the distraction, I definitely needed it. :)

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