Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy Update!



Renew lease?

New job making mind staggering salary with PAID overtime?

60 degrees in Boston in JANUARY?

So the good news is that our homestudy update is officially complete. I'm sending a copy to the INS in the morning. Our agency gets the remaining copies. That also will be sent in the morning. Once the INS gets the homestudy, it should be a quickstep over to the holy grail: our final approval.

The depressing news of the whole story is that we will only bringing one baby home. We just don't have an extra $100K laying around to purchase a home and have any sort of reasonable in-this-lifetime-allow-me-to-stay-home mortgage payment. So we pay off debt, become debt free, and will probably be able to come up with our downpayment by the time the kiddo is home. So we just renewed our lease, which wasn't as bad as we thought.

DH was depressed the other day because it was 60 and his convertible is in my parents garage for the winter -- 90 miles away. heh!

So I left my last contract to take another one. I'm making money that I never dreamed of making. The best part of it is that if I only work one extra hour a day, I'll be making more than my husband. CRAZY I'm so proud of myself, but terrified to, in that I don't wnat to mess it up. I'm heading to a big Southern city for training, and after two weeks, theres already been talk of me going permanent. Good because I'll have access to the retirement plans, but bad because I'll have to give up the hourly rate.

So bottom line is that we're reducing our request to one child, we're staying in the apartment until spring 2007, and our wait will be reduced to approximately six months. Oh, and the job thing, too. :)

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Margaret said...

Sorry you've had to switch to one child -- I know you were hoping for two. But congrats on the new job and all the other good news.