Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Great Debate

So my current debate within myself is the following:

To be a stay at home mom or not.

Pretty simple, where, in Texas, it was a very simple answer. I retire, become the Stay at Home Mom I'd always wanted to be and that was it.


I'm now making what I'm worth (in salary).
The company I'm about to go full time at has on site day care.
I can have lunches and snacks with him/her.
We have on site day care in our apartment complex.
DH goes to work later than I do, can drop off late, and I can pick up early.

So I have alot to think about. Just the fact that my office has on site day care makes me take pause.

In a "OMG I can't believe it, I REALLY married the right guy" move, my DH has left the decision completely up to me. There's really no question that I will be taking maternity leave. However, what comes next is up to me.



In other news:

We have five documents left to put together.

1. New INS document. The INS messed up our original approval. On everything they've seen it says two children, they approved for one. We sicc'd our homestudy agency on them, so they corrected it and are resending the approval for two. We realize that we will probably welcome only one into our family this time, but want to make sure we are available to take two home if the situation allows. UPDATE: DONE. Came in tonight's mail.

2. Pictures. Not Done. Need to clean house like a mad-woman tonite so we can take pictures tomorrow night. These also need to be notarized.

3. Housing Verification. DONE. I just have to pick these up at the rental office.

4. Passport photocopies. DONE. Just need to be notarized.

5. Letter from our accountant verifying my income for 2005. (I was a contractor for most of the year, which is considered "self-employed" for this process.)

We should have 1-4 complete by the end of the week, and the last one in the next couple of weeks.


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Margaret said...

I remember being nervous when I was at the end of my dossier preparation. I like to be in control of things and I knew that sending that off to Russia was surrendering my last piece of "control." But it was actually satisfying and fun to send it off. Very "Look-out-Russia-here-I-come!"

Of course now it's been so long some of my documents have started to expire... so I guess I have some control back. :-)