Monday, February 20, 2006

It doesn't rain ...

... it pours. BUCKETS. Buckets of stress, that is.

I tell you, my life is not dull, to say the least. First, I get this great new opportunity of employment. You've read the blog, you know the story. Now, its just not clicking. First three weeks were great.

Right now, its a disaster. I don't know what I did to deserve this, but let me tell you, it must have been a DOOZY. Someone out there must really have a voodoo curse on me.

So this week, I'm having a meeting with my contracting company and telling them that its not working out. That they need to do something.

The BIGGEST issue is that I'm working 50 plus hours a week (good thing) with mandatory weekend work (VERY BAD thing). First thing, they never told me I'd have to work extra hours. Second thing, there was no hint of weekend work other than the odd ad-hoc support call.

I'm miserable.

To top it all off, we sent out our taxes to our tax guy to do, and we can't get through to him via phone or an answer via email. DH played good cop last week. This week, well, I get to kick some heads all the way down in Texas to get some answers.



Margaret said...

I'm sorry the job isn't working out, Bethee. That stinks.

Tricia said...

Sounds like they weren't upfront about the workload and hourly commitment that they were expecting. Those kind of hours make it difficult to have any sort of balanced life. I hope everything works out.