Monday, March 20, 2006

The one where Blogger choked.

So last week I wrote a post. Blogger choked and ate it. Then, I tried to post again. And our router died in the middle of posting. So I tried the old email turned the computer off and went to bed.

Forgive me for my triple post. :)

It was entirely funny, but completely unintential! HA!


So what happens now? Evidently, the wait. Its taken us over 18 months to get to this point, and here we are.

Last weekend, to celebrate, we ordered a portable storage unit to be delivered to our apartment. They delivered, we loaded. It took us less than two hours. SO proud of us. We are NOT the get up and do it kind of people, and the storage people made it absolutely painless. It didn't hurt that we packed the unit with boxes that we hadn't unpacked from when we moved here a year ago.

They picked it up this morning. YAY

We can now move and walk in the room. Most of what is left will be thrown away or given to Goodwill. But we're on our way to having a baby's room!!


I went to Target a few weeks ago with a co-worker of mine. I hadn't been to the big red dot store since we moved here. I went crazy. Ok, not TOOO crazy. But crazy enough. :) I found one of the best devices for apartment dwellers like us. A booster seat that can be strapped to a regular kitchen chair. It will take the baby from infancy to toddler-hood! How cool is that!? No need to buy a bulky highchair, this booster will do the deed!!

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