Thursday, April 20, 2006

Six things

So I've been tagged.

I need to come up with six things that are strange about me. I'm thinking long and hard on these ... Hmmmmm.

1. I sucked as a writer in high school and college. Couldn't write my way out of a paper. 90% of my papers were re-written ... and I didn't have a choice in the matter. I now spend most of my job related work, you got it, writing. Ah, irony, thy name is Bethany. I'm still in contact with some of my college professors, and we had a good laugh over this one.

2. I met my husband on AOL. He IM'ed me, we hung out online for 4 months, were BFF's for another 6 months, and went from BFF's to serious dating because he was jealous that I was dating everyone else.

3. My husband is a video game geek.

4. When I first moved into my house in Texas, my parents came and stayed with me for 8 weeks to help me "set up" everything. I didn't speak to my Mother for 3 months after she left. To this day, she is clueless as to why. Not for lack of trying to explain things to her.

5. I almost cut off my hair until I found Ojon products. Go ahead, Google them. I'll wait. AMAZING stuff.

6. I'm having no fun job hunting, and I've gotten NO offers yet.

I need to tag six people now. I'll make that a separate post. ;)


Tricia said...

i can't imagine how people dated before the internet! (ie. post-college and if not interested in dating someone from work.)

Leggy said...

Hi- found you via Elle (I think). Just spent the last hour or so reading your archives. Two of the agencies on your short list are on mine, but had not heard much about AAI. Looks like they are another reputable agency to consider. Look forward to reading more of your journey. P.S. Am also a Red Sox fan.