Friday, June 23, 2006

A Story.

Yesterday morning, that would be Thursday, my cell phone was ringing off the hook all morning. The people I share a cube with were being very kind and patient, but they were meaningless, annoying calls. (DH and I only have cell phones.) So after I came back from lunch, I decided to turn off my phone so I could spend some quality time preparing for my big presentation today.
Suddenly, five minutes later, I get pinged on my IM from my husband.
"Call me right now." Well, someone was at my desk, my back was turned and I didn't see it. Five minutes go by before I turn around and face my screen again.
"Uh, OK." I think to myself. Based on rumors that we'd been hearing from various sources, we had resigned ourselves to waiting at least six more months until something happened, so this was COMPLETELY unexpected.
So I call him.
I can hear him pacing. He always paces when he talks on the phone. Drives me insane.
Anyway, back to our story.
No "Hello?", No "Hey." Nothing. Just, "A woman from our agency called and they have a baby for us." He walks outside of his building to get better reception. I'm silent. Stunned. Floored. "I couldn't understand where the baby is from because of her accent."
"Um, that was D, the owner of the agency, and she was telling you the baby is from Vlad."
So after the stunned, "OMG, what do we do?!" and "OMG OMG OMG", I called D back and got the receptionist. The receptionist said she'd take a message, but I know D's assistant L, and asked to speak to her instead. I spoke with L, and we both did a little happy dance. Don't know more than: we have a referral, but I know enough to do the dance. :)
Ok, so it was a butt dance in my chair, but you get the idea.
So D was on the phone with someone else and couldn't get off the call. No problem. My phone is now on (!) and it is in my lap.
Sure enough 10 minutes later ... the longest 10 minutes ever (!) ... D calls back.
"We have a baby that we would like to present to you ..." the conversation begins.
By the end of another 10 minutes, we had completed our call and a few minutes later I had medical information and PICTURES!
We both left work several hours early to meet up at home.
I talked with our Parent Coordinator, P, on the drive home. She had to remind me to breathe. LOL P is awesome.
We were in shock. We took a walk around the neighborhood, talked a little bit, and then tried to call family. Except no one was around ... except my sister. Thank God her business trip was cancelled!! She was the first to know!!!! She was so excited that she screamed. In her office. It was awesome.
We managed to trip up the stairs to the bedroom because at this point the adrenaline was wearing off and our bodies were shutting down. We slept like the dead for over two hours.
When we woke up, we called my parents. They had just walked in the door from mowing the lawn. They had just taken the new lawnmower on its maiden voyage around the lawn. "Are you guys ready to be Grandparents?", we began the conversation. We'll bring a copy of the pictures to show them at my Dad's 70th birthday party on Sunday. Couldn't have gotten him a better present.
We managed to track down DH's parents a couple hours later. Once we told them, we posted to the family message boards.
So what I will tell you:
Its a BOY!
He's nine months old.
His name will be Connor Ivan.
Today I talked to our parent coordinator she gave me the funny side of the story. D called DH and all she could get out of my darling husband is "You need to talk to my wife."
The rest is history. :)
Its taken me a full 30 hours of knowing to get my head together enough to post this.


Leggy said...

Very exciting- when do you get to travel?

Carrie said...

Congrats, Bethee!

Empress from the Lucky Ducks :-)

Margaret said...

Yay! What great news!

Elle said...

OMGOMGOMG!!! Yay!! That is absolutely fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! That is such wonderful news!
-Erin Alanna

Starfish said...

WOO HOO! AWESOME! I loved reading the story, I felt like I was right there with you freaking out!!!

Tricia said...

It's nice when russian adoption surprises are the good ones, like early referrals! Congrats and I can't wait to hear more about your first trip plans!

Lauren&Marco said...

SO EXCITING- since I have become a blogaholic the past month this is my first referral to read about!!!

Debbie said...

What great news. Congratz to the new mommy & daddy!

Captain Smartypants said...

Congrats guys, that is awesome news!

SoFlaMom said...



jeneflower said...

Congrats on your referral!

Why am I the only one who didn't know about your blog? I look forward to reading through it.

Rhyne & Jake said...

Congratulations!!! Hope you get travel dates really soon~!!

Tamra said...