Monday, July 10, 2006

Donations, DONE!

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon figuring out what I was going to bring for our donation to the orphanage.

When the DH and I moved closer to the family, my parents put the word out what we were doing - Adopting - and that we were looking for gently used or new clothes to donate. People flocked to my parents house in droves.

Yesterday my parents dropped off said clothes. FIVE BOXES OF CLOTHES, people!

Five space bags and all of the 0 - 12 month clothes made the cut. The result? One suitcase.


I even managed to pack the little shoes and the receiving blankets.

Now that thats done DH and I have a suitcase and a carry on to fit a weeks worth of clothes.

My solution?

Space Bags. Only thing I can't use them for are the 4 pairs of shoes DH doesn't know I'm taking. ;) I'd take more, but we'll only be in country 5 days.


Kay B said...

I have heard great things about those space bags. I think it might be time for me to start looking for some too!

What a whirlwind you are in! All in the buzz of preparing to travel. Be sure to keep us posted on your journey!

Kay B

Elle said...

Space Bags are the best! I couldn't get there without them. They also protect your precious donations in the event of an exploding shampoo bottle. (experience here)