Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So by and large, the overwhelming response is that he's already "one of us."

My parents are thrilled. The pictures haven't been more than 10 feet from them for the past week.

The in-laws love the pictures. Were so amazed at his pictures.

The rest of his brothers want us to name him something different. They think he's cute, too, though.


God, I love my family.


Margaret said...

Ok. You said "Name him something different." I don't know what you're planning to do for a name (although I swear you've mentioned it before). Are you keeping his Russian name or changing it?

Starfish said...

Very exciting. Hope you'll share all the details you can. Let us know what the trip is like!

jeneflower said...

That is so neat that everyone is so supportive!

Kay B said...

So, can you share with us what day you are leaving? I just confirmed my tickets to Vlad today, perhaps we will be traveling around the same time?

E-mail me

Kay B

Margaret said...

I just found the post where you commented about your son's name. Silly me. I knew that I had heard your plans at one point! I really like the name.