Tuesday, September 12, 2006


We're back!

We had such a wonderful time. Breakfasts, lunches, happy hours and dinners with friends with the side benefit of it being expensible for DH. He had a great time at his conference, too. :)

I spent some time tracking down one last infamous piece of paper from our Accountant. His license expired at the end of July and it was my task to track it down. Well, I've been trying to get my hot little hands on it since we returned in July, and finally got him to fax it to me at the hotel. I had made phone calls, sent emails, my agency had, and so had some of my friends. The thing that frustrated the heck out of us was that we NEVER got a response from him. Ever.

Justifiable frustration, eh? :)

So I emailed him and told him if I didn't have it by X time that I was driving up to his office and waiting for it until it was done and then taking it to the Secretary of States office myself.

Took him another 24 hours, but I finally got him to fax it to us! YAY Got it notarized, to the SOS' office and off to Russia it went!

We also had the amazing opportunity to send a package with a family who was heading to our region for their court date. They'll be there this week and deliver our birthday package to our son!

So not only did we have a great last hurrah before the baby comes home, we hung out with our friends AND finished our final paperwork!

Life is good right now.

Hows yours?

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Suz said...

So glad you had a good trip and got important paperwork finished up. That's also great that you were able to send a package to your little boy!