Monday, October 23, 2006

Doctor, Doctor

This morning we're on our way to our first visit to the pediatrician. She's supposed to be wonderful, and she's come highly recommended.
Connor slept from 8AM to 4PM was up for a while, then slept from 6PM to 9:30PM. We were lucky enough to tire him out and he was back down at 11. Bad news is he was up at 2 ... for the night. So while DH half slept, I walked the floors with the boy. Not too bad, but he was SO hungry. He had FOUR containers of food! You'd think we'd never fed him before. LOL
His bath at 6AM was wonderful and quiet. He was sound asleep -- fully dressed -- at 6:30. I'll wake him up around 9:15, feed him, and off we go!
My parents are coming in to help me with him. Thank god! If they can keep him awake and active until about 4PM, I have a good chance of having him sleep 12 straight hours, which means we are on track. I've gotten nothing more than 3 hour cat naps since Friday. I'm running on empty.
And loving every minute.


Elle said...

Welcome home! Glad to have you back.

On Our Way said...

Huge congratulations! Glad you are ALL home! Keep enjoying every minute!

6blessings said...

Glad to have you back home. Congratulations!!!

Kay B said...

Good to hear from you, hope you enjoyed your time in Vlad.

Anonymous said...


Come by the pond so we can celebrate with you!!!!!

lfmurphy (LDs)

Debbie said...

Glad Connor is doing well. I hope your plan worked yesterday and you had some sleep.

Margaret said...

Welcome home! Other than being exhausted, it sounds like it's going well.