Friday, November 10, 2006


A couple of mornnings ago, we were woken up by music coming through the baby monitor. We have one of those toys that attach to the side of the crib that plays music and has some cute buttons and twisty things to keep you busy.
Well, this music starts when one of the buttons is pressed, and after introducing you to it in the first couple of days that you were home, its mostly been silent except for the few times I've started the music for you just to show you it was there.
So back to our story.
Fast forward to today. Naptime. You're laying in your crib peacefully. I can see you on the nightvision monitor that we have. You're just having a great time hanging out and babbling. All of a sudden you scooch up to where the unit is attached to your crib and turn on the music! You stated playing with the buttons and things, and then you started "dancing" in your crib! Ok, so rocking to the music, but you get the idea.
You've exhausted yourself now and are just laying in the crib. You're still babbling and chatting up a storm, but I hope you'll give up this particular ghost and sleep.
You had a reall bad night sleep-wise last night, so I'm hoping that you take a good long nap.

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Debbie said...

Glad he is finally drinking from a cup now.