Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Boy

We've been in such chaos over the past few months, that we've been grateful for any sort of schedule or normalcy. Back in Boston we had a pseudo schedule. We did the same things every day, with some variation depending on what was on our To Do list.
No schedule is possible when you're in transition like we've been. We've been through two hotel rooms and a chaotic apartment. I finished his room yesterday (I'll post pictures eventually.), which meant that another change to his room happened. So we had a very difficult night last night. C was up until 3AM, and then up by 8:30. Not to mention that the cat finally came home. (He's been staying with my sister for the past few weeks while we get settled.)
So back to the point of my post.
Tonight was the first night since we left the old apartment that he went down without crying, without anger, without stress. Just a sippy cup, and a smile. We're hearing chatter and laughter through the monitor as I type this. How cool.
We're doing good. :)

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Debbie said...

Glad to hear he is adjusting again. Seems like it didn't take too long.