Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Baby Day

Today I spent the day at home. I'm feeling better than I did this morning, which is good, but taking the day off sucked. I had stuff to do, and missing a day when you've got stuff to do isn't fun. :(

So I spent the day in my recliner watching every baby show on TV. Adoption Story, Birth Day, everything the Discovery channel or TLC could throw at me. So now I'm sick, and having a need for a "baby fix."

I got a baby fix in one way, but now my ovaries hurt from the desire for a baby.

I've wanted a baby since I was 15 and started babysitting. I spent the rest of my teens in school, spent my early 20's in college ... at a religious school ... the rest of my 20's having a hell of a time. I was ready to settle down at 18, but knew I needed to cross things off my "TO DO" list. Found the right guy at 28, married at 31, and now, at 33 have STILL been ready for a baby since I was 18. My husband doesn't seem to comprehend this. *sigh*

So thats a little bit about me. What about you?

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Carrie said...

Hi Bethee,

He'll come around. At least mine did. Which is good, because I didn't want kids at all until I met him and thought he'd make a good dad. I'm glad you guys are working stuff out.