Tuesday, September 07, 2004


About Gmail

To encourage commenting on this site, I'm giving away (1) one envied invitation to Gmail. Gmail is Google's answer to Hotmail. Only with a Gig of space per account.

Post your comment, and include your website or email in the link. Winner will be chosen at random. (Probably little scraps of paper on the bulletin board in my office, and borrow a dart from a co-worker.)


Stacey said...

Hi there Bethee! I'm so glad you let us know about your Blog! As you know my blog can be found at http://changedforever.blogspot.com/
Neat-o about the Gmail... I didn't even know Google was offering that now. :-) I borrowed your counter idea. ;-)

Amy said...

Hi there Bethee. Just wanted to post a big HELLO on your blog. I also have a blog. If you want to check it out it's http://henleya.blogspot.com/.

I have a Gmail account. I haven't received any invites to hand out to anyone, yet. How long after you signed up did it take for you to get invites to hand out?

Anna said...

I've got 6 invites to hand out, if anyone wants one. Started at 3, then went to 6. *shrug*

bethee said...

Hi, Stacey, Amy & Anna! Glad you could all stop by for a visit... :)