Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What being a Red Sox fan is all about.

Being a Red Sox fan from birth has brought with it many
frustrations. Have there been many joys in my 30-some-odd years of
fandom? Oh yea.

1986. World Series. You want choke? I don't even have to describe
what happened. I just have to mention a name: Bill Buckner.

The Red Sox have fought a well worn path on their way to the World
Series. Every year they somehow, someway, make it close enough to
give their fans the ability to make sure that little flame of hope
is still ignited. Each year that path is travelled, and the fans
check to make sure that the flame is still there. Every year they
are disappointed.

The Red Sox have lost some incredible players over the years to
greed--not in the conventional sense, but in their desire for that
illusive ring. World Series. Happened to the best of them; Roger
Clemens being among the list. Others stuck with them and retired
from the team, Yaz, anyone?

This year, I purposefully did not follow the games, I only paid
attention enough to know that they were the wild - card favorites
pretty much all season. Why? Because I have a jinx. I watch games,
they lose. I follow the season, I lose. While Jon was watching the
games I was looking in the other direction or finding something else
to do in the house. Why? I want them to win.

Last night: I watched. The first game all season. I was in agony
when they brought Pedro in. But let me tell you, victory was all the
sweeter when they won. Yankee Stadium. About time.

I'm thrilled about this series. I'm rooting for the St. Louis
Cardinals tonight. Why? I spent six incredible years in St. Louis,
went to many games, but most of all, their fans understand what
we've (as Boston fans) have experienced. Their legacy isn't as old,
or as colorful as ours, but they understand.

Besides, I really don't want Clemens in Fenway Park. I do not want
him breathing that hallowed air. But I digress, that is suited for
another rant.

So where will I be on Saturday? Sitting in front of our television,
with my Flame of Hope burning bright within me, screaming at the top
of my lungs ... for joy.

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