Wednesday, December 22, 2004


So tonight, DH and I watched Jamie Foxx do his thing on behalf of the Dave Thomas Foundation (I'll put links in here later). We started watching because I took over the remote control and confiscated the "good" TV. (We have 4 other TV's, but DH considers this one the only one worthy of watching anything of value on.) It was tastefully produced, and amazingly impressive. It moved along without dwelling or being sappy. Yes, it tugged at the heart strings; yes, it made me teary; but, wow, did it open up a whole new world for a whole bunch of kids.

The focus was on Family, with adoption being the vehicle on how they were created, but families. Loving, caring.

Why do I repeat the word family? Because it is so vital here. Love is what breathes life into Family, and Family can be defined in so many ways. But the root of all of it ... well, that is love.

Every birthday since the beginning of my time, my parents have always, and I repeat, always written in the birthday card, "You are the best thing that ever happened to us." Over the years, I've read many things into that, and only recently, did I screw up enough courage to ask my mother why they always wrote it. I always read it, but every year it meant something new, something different, to me. When I asked she said, "You allowed our family to be complete. Before you came to us, we had many (8 or 9) miscarriages. Your presence allowed us to focus on you, love you, and as a result we credit you with allowing your sister to stay inside just that much longer so she could live once she was born (my parents issue was never getting pregnant, it was staying pregnant). My sister was a 21 week baby. In 1971.

Love is the glue that binds a family. How a family forms is up to the participants, how a family thrives is also up to the participants.

A wise woman once told me, "You cannot help who you love, but you can help who you like." Choose your friends wisely, open your heart to love, and your life will fall open for you at your feet.

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