Tuesday, December 07, 2004

We did it!

We picked an agency, filled out the application, and sent in our first check.

See, I've got at least this part figured out. They charge you a tiny (comparably) application fee to make sure you're interested enough to learn more, and then they get you with the Dossier Fee that chokes you because its close to a month and a half's salary.

So with the first $150 sent off to the agency (what I'm referring to at home as, "the tease") I've decided it is now time to call my banker back and cajole the loan approval out of him.

Yesterday, I dropped our preliminary immigration paperwork in the mail. Soon, we will receive a date for the appointment and get to take a day off of work to drive to the next big city (because we don't live in one??) to be fingerprinted.

Homestudy happens some Tuesday in January. More money needed for that.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of our adventure into a life of poverty. HAH! Totally kidding here, folks. Ok, maybe the poverty will only last 5 years or so. :)


Anna H. said...

This is a wonderful adventure you're embarking on! So gald you're sharing it with us...


Siobhan said...

Hope you don't mind me delurking, but I wanted to give you a heads up about this process.

When we were going through the paperchase for our China adoption (last year), while you could file the I600 paperwork early on, you weren't given a fingerprinting appointment until the CIS gets your homestudy.

They started doing this to lessen the chance that your fingerprints will expire before you travel (since the I171 is good for 18 months, but the fingerprints are only valid for 15 months.)

So don't despair if you don't get an appointment soon. They may well have changed their policy again, but you also may not get one until after you send in your homestudy.

Believe it or not, once your dossier goes in, you really DO forget what a pain the paperchase was, and once your child is home with you, it will be only a faint memory! Hang in there--it is SO worth it.:)

bethee said...

Thanks for the heads up!! :)