Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year and all that ...

Well, its 2005. DH and I have come to the conclusion that its going to be a hell of alot better year than 2004, as 2004 almost saw the end of our marriage, the loss of several friends, and the emergence of our adoption plans.

Last week, DH and I closed on the funding for our adoption. We're hoping we won't have to use all of it, but we're grateful its there. We sent in the "large check", which means that we're really serious now. Theres enough money invested that there's no turning back. We're both thrilled. 2005 is going to be the year of babies for us.

This coming week we will have our social worker over to the house for our homestudy visit. I've washed every dirty item in the house that could be washed, and as a result, the bed in our guest room is now being jokingly referred to as "Mount Laundry". I kid you not. I'm planning on DH and I spending about 4 hours folding laundry tomorrow.

I'm having a ball with this blog, I'm figuring out what is important to me to keep track of, and I'm learning how to write online. Some posts are better than others. Hopefully they will get better as time goes on, I know I can already see an improvement from my first few posts.

The Christmas presents arrived and were opened in short order. Nothing bad, nothing to blog about. I asked for one of those Roomba vaccuums, which I didn't get, so I'm hoping at some point this year, someone remembers I asked for it for Christmas and gets it for me.

Everyone in the house (DH, 4 cats, and the dog) are sound asleep. I'm up due to a random bout of insomnia. I'm having a wrestling match with the checkbook and the bills and they keep running around in my head and not letting me sleep. SUX!

Have a great New Year, and my most sincere wishes for all your dreams to come true in 2005.

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