Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Step One: Done

So we had our home visit by the Social Worker yesterday. Done, overwith, no big deal. Phew.

She's a very neat lady who calmly told me that 3 of our 4 references have not returned them. They've had them for 2 months. I'm slightly annoyed. One promised to have it done by tomorrow, another by the end of the week. The other? Not returning emails ... and they're the family one.

On another note, my carpal tunnel, or whatever its trying to be this time is back. I'm under orders to take anti inflammitory meds and NOT TYPE. Um, yea. I type for a freaking living. This is NOT going to work. So I told her I'd try. So this one will be short.


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Marla said...

Congrads on finishing your homestudy. I agree, it's not a big deal.

Middle Way