Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Today on my way home, I heard on the radio that one of the "Entertainment News Shows" was having a special segment on Louis Vuitton. So, I raced home the rest of the way to see it. Ok, I was only 5 minutes away, but didn't want to miss it.

I saw the segment, thinking longingly of the Louis Vuitton list that is frozen in time ... and has been since we decided to adopt. It was the one thing that I had to give up ... OK, so it wasn't the only thing. I gave up my Porsche, too. But, y'know what?

I'm so happy with what we're doing and what we're planning on for our family, that I didn't even have a twinge of regret. My list is frozen indefinitely? So, what?

It will be unfrozen soon enough. Like when the kids are 10. :)

And the six I currently have in my collection? I use them every day.


Karen said...

Okay, first off. YOu have SIX louis vuitton? Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Send one to me, please!

Second, how did you get your homestudy done so quickly, girl? Congratulations! I'm soooooooo happy for you.

Karen/Naked ovary

bethee said...

Thanks for getting the spirit of my post. Yea. DH and I have done really well over the past few years. We pissed away more money than some people make in 3 years. AH, if only we had held on to some of it. :) Hey, you're only human, right?!

Life's too short not to have a Louis.