Friday, March 04, 2005


So last night was the last possible moment we had to make decisions ...

We've decided to move together. This will be great, however, since no one at work knows that we're leaving, tomorrow will be very interesting. I'll work Friday and Monday will be my last day.

We're going to try to leave by next weekend so DH can start his job a week earlier than planned. That will give him no interruption in pay, which will be very nice.

We're thrilled, excited, and terrified.

I call the movers tomorrow to see how fast we can leave. They're the lynch-pin.

Meanwhile, anyone want a cat? We've got three who really need loving homes. These three are the independant sorts that ... well, ok. I'll stop. :)

But seriously, if you're in central Texas and would like a cat that gets along with dogs, we've got a few. :)

I'll try to post our grand adventure, but might be a little distracted for the next week or so.

And yes, it is 4AM. Stress does a lovely job to my sleep habits. HA!

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