Monday, March 07, 2005

Sweet, Sweet ...

... Cash.

Yesterday we invited a few friends over, and one neighbor. I marked the things I was willing to part with with purple painters tape. Yesterday, we made $800. Today, we made another $400.

I have to say, our neighbor ROCKS! I'm so sorry we'll be leaving. At first, I looked at these strange people (her acquaintainces) that she was brining over as pure annoyances. Now that we have some extra cashage for our adventure ... GODDESS! :)

So the company is reimbursing us moving expenses up to a certain amount. We should be fine, but this cash will give us enough of a cushion that we really won't have to worry. Thank God, for that, too. Because you never know.

So on the flip side of things, we list the house with our realtor tomorrow. I'm so sad to leave. I feel like I'm not done decorating ... or furnishing. I'm hoping that we'll be able to take some of the cash we got from the past few days and save it to buy some really cool things for the new house.

But first, back to the current one. :) We're leaving here on Saturday morning, and we're so ready. Bitter sweet, I'd call it. An adventure of epic proportions, too.

We need to sell this house. Plain and simple. If we don't sell this house, well, honestly, that isn't an option. We MUST sell this house. Right now we're planning on being in an apartment for a year, build up some financial stores again, and buy another house.

We're going to have to bring money to the table. Lots of it. I really don't know where it will come from, but one day at a time. We got more money from the sale of the furniture than I really anticipated, which was really nice, but we're about $20K short of a comfort zone.

And today was my last day at work. I'm no longer pulling down a paycheck. This could get really interesting, really quick.

Unless, of course, we sell the house quickly. Then all bets are off, we still need money ... well, you get my train of thought.

Wish us luck. The adventure continues ...

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Anna said...

Luck luck luck! So glad you were able to sell the furniture for more than you expected. Keep us posted on the new place and job(s)...