Monday, March 14, 2005

The move ... Continued

So, we started the day off with the complimentary breakfast that our hotel offered. Waffles, juice, cereal. The eggs were discarded after one bite of their rubbery chewiness.

Then off we went to the apartment complex. Turned out they had closed because of the snow storm. The guy who was helping us told us that they couldn't get up the hills in the complex, and neither could the residents, so they decided to close early. Well, unfortunately for us, you really can't fault that. It was snowing really hard, very cold and the roads were not plowed yet. Anywhere.

So we signed the lease and off we went to the townhome that we'll be calling home for the next year. Ok, to say this was a shock was an understatement of monumental proportions. We went from a five bedroom, four bath, three living area, 3700 square foot house to a two bedroom one and a half bath 900 square foot townhouse. Our house was brand new. The townhome was built in the 60's.

The floors on the second floor were uneven. Off we marched to the Leasing Office again to demand another apartment. Uneven floors? Unacceptable! We started talking, and realized in a panic that we had 10,000 pounds of stuff coming in a few hours. So we asked if they had any three bedroom townhomes available. No luck. Another two bedroom? Sure. But only one. I liked this one a little more, but the parking for it sucked. No neighbors behind us, though, and the floors weren't all that different than what we already had. *sigh*

So those two being the only choice, we decided to stay at the original one, and move into a three bedroom if it became available. Meanwhile, we thought, we'd live the cramped life inside the two bedroom.

Well, it turned out that the guy who was transporting our cars showed up today. WOO HOO! My car is back. Thank you, GOD! As we're finishing up with that, the movers show up. Off we go back to the townhouse.

The hardest part of moving in was them backing the truck & trailer into the parking area. What took 13 (yes, 13) hours to pack and load, took two hours 45 minutes to unload. What helped was that I stayed on top of the organization of the boxes in the spare bedroom. I was able to stack boxes and place the furniture to clear floor space for the next load. All our furniture fit. All the boxes fit. We still have room to move and function.

My parents are coming tomorrow to help unpack and settle us in. Honestly, it should be a breeze. All the hard stuff is done. All thats left to do is unpack the kitchen, and set up our bedroom, and rearrange the family room.

I don't think we'll need the three bedroom place until the kids come home. And even then, we've got a storage shed out on the patio in the back that can hold the boxes that are currently in the spare room.

We've discussed it, and if we stay in this place for the full year, we should have most of our debt paid off, and be in a really good financial position to buy a really great house. Now, all we have to do is sit on our proverbial hands so that we don't buy a house before then.

DH starts work tomorrow, and he's really excited. Why I'm up at 4AM is a mystery to me. I've been up for almost two hours. Although it might have something to do with the two hour nap I took this afternoon.

This was definitely the way to go. Hire packers, ship the cars, and stay in a hotel until the apartment is set up (we'll be sleeping there tomorrow night, tonite we're at the hotel). Those are my recommendations, at least. :)

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TigerJen said...

Bee, Wow! I didn't realize that you had already moved. I wish you the best of luck in getting a larger townhouse quickly. Good luck getting settled in.