Sunday, March 13, 2005

We're here!

We spent most of the day yesterday travelling. First on a plane and then in a car. In the midst of a terrible snow storm.

So we've settled into temporary housing for the time being. Our apartment complex is on our shit list for blowing off our appointment yesterday. We were supposed to go sign out lease and get the keys. No answer when we called -- multiple times -- no call back, either.

My parents met us at the airport and we handed off the one cat we kept. He's currently missing his mommy (me). Mom found him crying at their front door. Poor kitty. He has no idea whats going on. All his buddies are gone (all four of them have found other homes), and he's all alone in a "strange" house. I say strange in quotes because he spent the first six months of his life there, and has visited on and off over the years.

So today we're going to go to the apartment complex and rip them all a collective new one. We were very lost, not used to driving in the snow, and were getting no response and more and more frustrated.

I just hope our stuff doesn't arrive today, and they said it might. That would suck because we don't have the freaking key! See our delima?

Post more after I sleep off the exhaustion.

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Anna said...

That's pretty weak on the apartment thing! I'd be pissed too. Damn. Hope you get some answers (and keys) soon.