Monday, April 04, 2005

The latest ...

... is that I'm employed!

Last week I finally decided to get serious about finding work. I was thinking, and DH and I were budgeting for me to get a $10/hour job at the local mall. On a lark, I posted my resume to a major website, and 12 hours later, got a call and 3 days later, I'm employed!

So I'm a Project Analyst for a bank, and making much more than we had accounted for. We should be debt free (and we have alot of it) in a few months, and well on our way to saving up for our house! This is incredible news!!! We're so excited!

We're even well on our way to working on having our homestudy re-done, or updated, or whatever needs to be done in our new state. One agency I called said they charge $1100 just for an update.

The agency I was adopted through, $750. Sign me up!!!!!


Milenka said...

Congratulations on the job! :-)

Anna said...

That's excellent, congratulations!