Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Change is good ... right?

There seems to have been another shake up at our agency.

Side effect. We're finding out more than we had before, which I guess was a reason for the shake up in the first place. So thats good.

The bad is that now that we're almost paper ready again, it looks like our wait time is now a year. Yes, thats 12 months.

I called another agency today (orginally our #2 choice), and their wait times are about 4-6 months less. Hmmm.

So we're considering switching agencies, but I like our new "Parent Rep" at our current agency.

So we'll wait and see.

We still haven't put forth SO much money that we are stuck with our agency. It would just be having to start a new relationship with a new agency. Instead of doing that with our current agency.

Advice? Anyone?

What would you do?

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