Monday, December 19, 2005


We're moving at "full steam ahead" pace!

We just received the draft of our homestudy, and its pretty good. Minor grammatical mistakes. Just personal preferences, really, so I'll mark those and send it back for update.

DH is really getting excited, as, obviously, am I.

Once the paperwork goes over, which should be in a few weeks, we're going to celebrate by going to our (NEW!) local IKEA, and scoping out the kid furniture.

The current wait time is 12 months (sounds better than a year), which is MUCH longer than we want, but there's not much anyone can do about it, so there it is.

DH got a promotion, and I got a permanent job, which both of us are thrilled about. My new job even has on site daycare, which I am over the moon about. I'm planning on taking time off when the kids get here (a year), but when I go back to work (if I do), things will be in place for life to be easier than anticipated.

You gotta love when that happens. :)

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Margaret said...

Just found your blog! The paperchase is an enormous amount of work, isn't it? Good luck with everything!