Thursday, December 29, 2005


Friday, we received the suckiest of the sucky news so far in this process ... andi if you've followed this blog at all, our path has been littered with sucky things. First the move, then the re-doing of the documents, then the delays in redoing the docs, then ... well, you get the picture.

So, on to the news. On Friday, we gat a call from our agency telling us that we will need to reduce our request from two children to one because we are renting an apartment and the Russian government frowns upon and will NOT approve anyone renting for more than one child.

So off to the message boards I go. One person posted an affirmative reponse saying that this happened to their friend. Ok, fine. We can accept this if it is prescidence. However, a couple of days later, someone else posted that they just successfully adopted LAST MONTH and are renting an apartment ... and were very open about renting an apartment.


Talk about frustration.

So we have an email sent back to our agency telling them of this information that we discovered and what exactly we can do to make the majic number two children again.

On the good news side, we're in the process of re-negotiating our lease on the townhouse, and it looks like we'll get a new hot water heater, new windows and doors, AND a washer and dryer out of the deal. In addition, the rent only goes up $125 a month. Sounds like a good deal to me. (Rents have been averaging $1700 in this complex and this would bring ours to about $1475, which is still WAY under the norm.)

In other news, we spent the holiday with my parents and my sister. We even brought along our cat. He had a great time, but wouldn't let either me or DH out of his sight. It was so cute!

Now I'm plagued with insomnia, and waiting for our direct deposit to update to our checking account so I can pay bills and kill some more time.


Hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday season!


Margaret said...

I rent and it hasn't been mentioned as a problem at all - but, then again, I'm only attempting to adopt one child. Have you thought about calling another agency (not to switch, just to feel out what their answer would be about renting). Also, don't trust the message board too much - things vary from region to region so one person's experience will likely not be the same as yours.

Anonymous said...

We are just starting the process and the agency that we want to use suggested that we wait until we have our house before we start the process. Two reasons: (1) only have to do the homestudy once (2) apartments are not viewed as "stable" living environments for children.

So, we are hoping to close on our "family house" next month... then start the paperchase. It's silly for the two of us to live in this big house, big backyard, etc. especially if it takes us 12-24 months to complete the procss, but that's what we need to do right now.

BTW, I think we have lots in common. I'm 33 and also a HUGE Duran Duran fan. I've seen them five times, including Feb 05... They are great live!

See you around.
Tricia from San Diego, CA