Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The latest saga ...

So after going back and forth with the accountant, we think we've got everything we need. He's FedEx'ed four (4) envelopes to our agency ... charging each one to our FedEx account. Oy.


We'll know tomorrow if he's sent the right stuff.

I've got my girlfriend in Texas on standby to go to his office and pick them up and kick some butt if necessary. When she offered to do this, I had to hold back the tears. Talk about a fantastic friend.

Oh, she knows the accountant, so its good on so many levels. :)

She's my soul sistah.

My friends are what I miss about Texas.


Margaret said...

Why did he send four different envelopes? More than one paper can fit in an envelope, Mr. Numbers Man.

I've never lived out of state, in fact now I live all of 15 minutes from my parents' house. But for 10 years I lived in a different area of the state. I miss the friends I used to see on a regular basis. Phone calls are fine, but it's not the same as meeting for dinner, drinks, and hours of laughter.

Margaret said...

Other things I miss? Good Thai food, a gourmet grocery (I couldn't find a rambutan up here if my life depended on it), theater, Pottery Barn, and drivers who don't leave 4 cars lengths in between the car in front of them.

(Can you tell I moved from the city back to a rural area?)