Thursday, March 09, 2006


Ok, not stalled anymore. Just have an angry accountant. :(

I faxed him a letter over a month ago, followed up with a copy of said fax WITH all our tax docs a month ago.

I've had to play "bad cop" for the past three weeks because he promised the three things would be there last Friday. OMG. Frustrating. If he wasn't the world's best accountant, I'd be tempted to find another one.

But chances are he won't charge us a dime, and instead of us oweing $$ to the IRS, he'll get us something of a refund.

Love the man, but right now, I think he's a little annoyed with my bi-weekly "My agency is wondering ..." calls.

Oh well, no more calls from me ... until April 14. ;)

So this officially ends the paper chase.

Now the agency takes care of Apposiling the docs (two states, WOO HOO!).
Then it goes to Russia.
Then it gets translated.
Then it gets dropped off at the MOE (Ministry of Education) who is the group that ultimately gives us the referral.

Now, if I could only speed up time and skip the next few weeks, months, years (HA!).


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Margaret said...

Yay! Dossier's almost to Russia. I'm having the opposite issue. Mine's been sitting there since October, my agency is accredited, and they won't file it yet. Grrr!