Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Not much to say.

We're in the "wait", which means, we have nothing to say.

Well, not necessarily nothing, but as far as the adoption, no news, no actions to report.


About 4 weeks ago, I was told that my contract was ending. What stinks is that I left my last contract for this one, with the hope/promise that this would go permanent. Well, its not. So I'm back on the job search trail. Back to feeling horrid. Back to feeling like I have to justify my existance.


Had my second interview with one place. A half dozen phone screens and two phone interviews.

I'm hoping that the place I had a second interview with works out. I really liked both people that I met with. Really like the commute.

How did they leave it? "We have one more candidate we need to meet with, but we will be making a decision by the end of the week."

Then, I spent some time at the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office getting some last docs Apostilled. Had to pull a string to get it done in less than 48 hours, but string pulled, mission accomplished. Done in an hour.

During my wait, I had a phone screen.

Dropped the docs off at the FedEx drop box on my way back to the train.

Came home, hopped online to check my email, respond to a few enquiries with my resume, and logged onto AIM. DH IM'ed me and we met for lunch.

Came home from lunch, cancelled my second interview of the day because my body started to collapse (gee, I wonder why?! LOL). Went to bed and woke up two hours later.

I think my body finally realized that the worst of the crap was finally over, so it just decided to shut down for a little while.

I'm trying to reschedule that interview for Thursday, and its actually something I'm kind of interested in.

I'm going to go to bed early tonite and hope that take care of it.

What a day!

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Margaret said...

The contracting life is not an easy thing. I've been there. I had an 8-week contract that extended and extended again, and again. 7 months later it finally ended. It's hard to know what end is up when you never know how long you'll be working.

I hope your interviews go well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

btw = Vladivostok is way out there! I had to look in my atlas to see where it was.