Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I know patience. Intimately. I have so patience that I make people absolutely annoyed at me.

Can't get into boarding school? No worries. Work hard and be patient. Three years later, I'm in.

Want to date? No worries, wait until you've graduated college to start dating. No kidding. I made up for lost time, too. ;)

Want to be married. Wait until you're 31. Ok. Patient. Got it.


Wait for a baby? Well, we started this journey back in the fall of 2004. So its been a while. But compared to the other waits? Its the blink of an eye.

This wait may be the one that breaks the patient quotient, though. And I'm only talking about the wait that began when our documents went over to Russia a couple of weeks ago.

Someone is going to have to tranqulize me before this is done!


Margaret said...

I'm envious of your patience. I've never been a patient person and this process is killing me.

Elle said...

Oh you are writing to the instant gratification queen here!!

I found Trader Joes has a great tranquilizer for only $2.99 (in my state) ;)