Monday, May 22, 2006


The Job
All the snarls were worked out of the job issue, thank goodness.
The thing with the insurance was this: I am an independant contractor. This company requires all contractors to have $1 Million worth of business insurance, and $1 Million of insurance for vehicular liability. If I had gone through a contracting company, they would have had the insurance, and it wouldn't have been any issue at all. The fact that I'm independant puts that responsibility squarely at my feet.
We solved this by having me join the company on a "Full Time / Temporary" capacity. It took until after 4PM that Friday to work it out.
I started last Monday, and its been a really good opportunity ever since.
This is good, as I really wasn't looking forward to being on unemployment.
The Adoption
Notice this is second. Not that its second in our minds, but that is exactly how much news we have. :)
We're two weeks away from our docs having been over there for two months.
Our fingers are crossed that something happens soon!
The Quilt
I'm starting to get squares from friends and family. I've got one person out there in blog-land sending me a square so far.
If you're interested, let me know! :) I'd love to have you participate.


Margaret said...

I'm glad the work thing got straightened out. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you hear word about the adoption soon.

Lauren&Marco said...


New to the blogaholic list. I would love to do a square for the quilt. Get my eail from Elle.