Friday, July 14, 2006

Look out ...

I don't go to church on a regular basis. Ok, I haven't stepped inside of one in years. Even if I was a religion major.
But even I have to admit that today, some higher power was looking out for us.
And now our story:
My parents, my lovely parents, volunteered to take our last minute documents to the Secretary of States office to get them Apostilled.
We had 5 documents that we needed to gather and get done before we left for Russia.
Two are a piece of cake. Print, take the local bank, get notarized. Done.
One is our marriage license. That one is a little tricker, but we'll probably have that one by the time we get back from Russia.
The next one was a letter from our homestudy agency about something else.
And the last one? Doctor stuff. No way in Hades that one was getting done in a week. Made the appointment with the doc, though, so it will be done quickly upon our return from Russia.
So today, they drive 90 minutes to get to our apartment. We left the key for them in the usual place.
Dad notices a package in the door. He calls me.
"Theres a package here from [our homestudy agency]. Should we take this with us?"
"Yup. That goes, too."
"Ok, I've got the other documents here, I've got the new package. We're gone."
Now my Dad is not the type to look outside the box. Give him instructions and its done to the letter. Perfectly. So him noticing the package wasn't unusual. Him calling me and asking me if he needed to take the document with him was.
Like I said, someone was looking out for us.
I just got off the phone with him.
Its all done.
Thank you to that higher power. Because this one, it was all you.
Russia here we come.
I'm amazed and so so so grateful that this is falling into place so perfectly.

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