Thursday, July 13, 2006

Say Anything …

Ran into a new type of reaction yesterday while dealing with my cell phone company to turn on the International Calling feature.




Customer Service Rep: Where are you traveling?

Me: Russia.

CSR: I'll be happy to check on that service for you. Where will you be traveling to?

Me: Vladivostok.

CSR: Cool. Why are you going there?

Me: To meet our son.

CSR: (Silence.)

Me: We're traveling to adopt him.

CSR: (Silence.)

CSR: You're all set. Have a nice day!


Not complaining about it, mind you. Just got a very odd feeling from it. Much prefer this reaction than someone with foot-in-mouth disease. ;)


What were some of the more unusual reactions you've gotten?


Starfish said...

Well there was my MIL "I just wouldn't have kids" (she's since come around), my aunt "Why Colombia???" (complete with sour face) and the guy at the furniture store who we told we were adopting when asked if we have kids "Uh-huh, so you'll want the table without the grooves in it".

Have a GREAT trip and please tell us all about it!

Elle said...

I told a older woman in line to board the plane in Seoul coming home from our last trip. She was so excited by the end of our conversation I think the entire plane knew we were adopting.

The worst is my dad saying, "Why don't you just get a kid from this country." Right after we lost Little A.

Margaret said...

Oh goodness. There are so many strange reactions. "But you're single" seemed to be popular for a while last fall.

My least favorite is, when I've told someone about losing Peanut, and they say "He's probably better off." Those people are lucky they walk away without a bright red spot on their face exactly the size of my hand.

Suzanne said...

"So which one of your is sterile?"

that's the all time worst, followed closely by the colleague who felt compelled to tell me that, in her opinion, international adoption was another noxious example of wealthy white privilege using money to extract what they feel entitled to from the poor and suffering. I used someone's (I've forgotten whose) lines "Why would you say that to me?" "Why would you share that when you know we are adopting" etc.