Sunday, August 13, 2006

Crib Time

To take advantage of Massachusetts Tax Free Holiday, we went back to the baby store this weekend and bought the crib, dresser, mattress, and toddler rails. DH and I spent some time yesterday afternoon putting it together. Usually those things are a one person (me) job, but this time, no-go. You needed to be an octopus if you were one person to put the dang thing together.
Once we put it together, I put all the baby stuff in the crib so that our job today is straight forward. Anything that isn't in the crib goes into the storage unit.
So the plan for today is to finish emptying the baby's room into the storage unit that will be delivered today. We still have boxes upon boxes upon random furniture that we're not using from the move from Texas. I'm hoping they come early enough to drop of the storage unit so that we can load it and lock it up, and I can take advantage of the rest of the "holiday". Although its strange, we already don't have to pay taxes on food and clothing. This expands the no tax status to single items up to $2500. Where most states that have this break in taxation restrict it to school supplies, this one is expanded to most items. So our baby furniture yesterday was tax free. The furniture and luxury item stores are packed with people taking advantage of it.
When we were in Babies **** Us yesterday, the sales guy said that last year there was an increase in revenue by 3x for a typical Saturday and over 4x for Sunday! Incredible!

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Debbie said...

Wow. That's a great treat. No tax on the crib. I can't believe they had 4x revenue on a Sunday. Those are always slow days.
Don't go crazy if you go out shopping again today.