Monday, August 14, 2006

Rocking Chair

The first item that I bought for the baby happened right after we received confirmation that our paperwork was registered in Russia.
Our rocking chair and ottoman. Ok, so its a glider, but at that point, its semantics. :)
I called at the beginning of May. Changed my mind on the ottoman the next day, called back and changed it to a gliding ottoman instead of a stationary one. No problem, they said.
So I began my hunt for fabric. It took me two weeks to find some. I went to every fabric store in a 50 mile radius of the apartment, a different one every night after work. I finally found something and its awesome! Its white, with colored embroidery. I know, I know, not good for a new baby, but perfect nonetheless. I'm going to head back to the store tonite to see if I can snag some fabric to make a throw for the chair to protect it from the worst of things. I'll post a picture soon!
I sent in the fabric and forgot about the chair for a while. With 8-12 weeks production and delivery time, I didn't expect a call until July. Well, we got the call right on time, and we scheduled a delivery. The night before the delivery was due, we got a call from the company I ordered it through and they said that the address tags for our items were put on another persons order and vice versa. Long story short. Our order was in Wisconsin. They recalled the chair and shipped it our way.
Fast forward to today. Five weeks later, we finally get our order. The chair is perfect. Fabric is great, size for the room is just what I thought it would be. The ottoman? Stationary.
Now I'm going back and forth with the company to see what they'll do to make it right. They assure me that they will do what it takes to fix it and make it worth my while to shop with them again.


sandy said...

Bummer about the ottoman. Hope they can work it out for you with the same fabric. And yes, prepare for the worst... =) After 4 years with the twins, we had to replace our couch. If you stuffed your nose into any one of the cushions you would get a whiff of stale formula (and other noxious baby substances!).

Elle said...

Can't wait to see photos. My rocker is a standard oak shaker style that was a wedding gift. I made a cushion for it that matches the window treatments so it is a little easier on the behind.