Saturday, September 23, 2006


1. The 10 day wait in Vlad is almost never waived. We will not know if we have custody during those 10 days until court is over. We hope so, as it will be a LONG 10 days without him!

2. The trip. Ah, the trip. So as soon as I got home from my adventure to IKEA, I got on the phone with the travel agent. Turned out the rest of the world wants to go to Vladivostok over the next two weeks. A great majority of the flights were sold out! We had the most insane time trying to find seats just to get into the city. We actually almost had to arrive two weeks before court, which would have meant that we left on Monday. Yes, this coming Monday. I made one last ditch call to Korean Airlines and after talking to them for 20 minutes realized that there were two seats open in Business Class for next Thursday! I had them put a 24 hour hold on those seats, called the travel agent back and then booked them and the rest of the itinerary through her.

The problem was only with the leg of the trip that had us travelling from Seoul to Vlad.

All told it took us ALL afternoon to get the tickets organized.

The Visas are being done with a one day turn around, and I just got a call late today from our travel agent stating that she'd talked to the consulate and that everything is "Perfect." We'll get them on Tuesday, I'll pick up the tickets on Monday, and we're good to go!

We had a minor issue this morning with a mis-understanding. Our travel agent thought we'd requested a lap ticket for the baby, when we really wanted the baby to have his own seat! OOPS! Problem caught and solved! YAY

Ahhh. Music to my ears. Just what my over-stressed mind needs!!! YAY!

Great way to start the weekend!

3. Picked up my sister from the airport this afternoon. She's in town for the shower, and because work is about to hit warp speed for the next three months. So the lucky girl gets to treat this as a mini-vacation. Picked her up and ran errands for the trip. Thank God she doesn't mind hanging out and running mundane errands like that. *phew!*

4. In the middle of all the errand running and traffic sitting, we almost ran out of gas. I had 5 miles worth of gas left when I rolled into the gas station. Nothing worse than sitting in traffic trying to get off the highway and theres no exit for a couple of miles! And you're on fumes already!

5. Got a call in the middle of the afternoon that a 2d cousin was killed. He died on his way to a fishing trip to Alaska. He was in a group of 6 men and the pilot. The plane crashed, and he was the only fatality. My sister and I were stunned. We called him "Uncle" and we are the same age as his kids. He was greatly loved, and will be missed.


Debbie said...

You've been busy. Last minute is no fun buying tickets. Glad that it all worked out for you.
Sorry to hear about your Uncle.

Margaret said...

Sounds like things for your trip to Vlad are hectic, but falling in to place.

So sorry to hear about your 2nd cousin. What a shock.

Elle said...

So you will have to give us your itinerary! Sounds like things are falling into place.

So sorry to hear about your 2nd cousin.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog today. Very fun to read of your trip since I also adopted from Vladivostok (actually Ussurisk). We had a wonderful experience both trips.