Saturday, September 23, 2006


We leave late Thursday night, early Friday morning.

Court is October 6.
We return to the States on October 21.

The cat will be staying with my parents starting Thursday until at least a week after we get home. Then we take it a day at a time.


Suz said...

Wow, it's getting closer! Hope your cat does ok with Grandma :o)

Will you be able to post from Russia, do you think? You know all us nosey nellies will wonder how you're doing!!

Elle said...

Wow you are leaving so soon!!!

Show the baby photos of the cat while you are gone. Pickle could easily recognize our cats and call them Mau. when we got home he was just so excited to see them. Now he pets them nicely and even gives them kisses.

Margaret said...

Good luck! I hope you can post some from Russia.

Suz said...

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