Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Murphy's Back.

My entire life should be dedicated to Mr. Murphy and his hideous law. Every time something is moving along smoothly, I get a monkey wrench the size of Alaska thrown in just because things were WAY too normal.

He's struck again.

Our homestudy agency. The agency that has been in existance for over 100 years. Has processed literally generations of adoptions, is closing. Now normally, this would be be disappointing and sad. Now?

Its horriffic and scary. Here's why. The agency is closing their doors at the start off December. Our homestudy is expiring mid-December.

We're waiting for a court date, and if that court date doesn't happen until December? Well, we have to re-do our homestudy for a THIRD time. Thats right. Three. With this agency, it would have been a simple office visit, and they would have taken care of updating the paper. Now?

Well, you're starting to get it.

So our agency is trying to figure out whats going on in Russia. What steps we might have to take, and figure out what contingencies we need to put into place if we need to pull the trigger on something quickly.

Can I just be sedated until we leave for trip two?



Debbie said...

Oh my goodness what a mess. I really hope they come up with a way for you to get back over to Russia very soon.

Margaret said...

Bummer. I thought I was pretty good with my two home studies. With three, you'll win the contest hands down.

If you can get a court date before December, you're OK right? You just need to find someone else to do post-placements probably.