Monday, November 20, 2006


When I was old enough to vote, I registered as most young people do. The first time I voted, I was attending a boarding school almost 2000 miles from home. I voted via absentee ballot, and was proud to walk my ballot down to the mail room to send it on its way to be counted. I ran into a classmate of mine who was two years younger, 16, and hadn't begun to vote yet. We chatted about it a little, and at the end she said, "I envy you the ability to vote." She was someone I had a huge friend crush on, and it made my proud event even that much more so.
Today, we received from our FedEx woman our son's Russian Passport that verifies that he's been registered at the Russian Consulate.
He was down for a nap, but I started to cry as I opened the envelope. I cannot describe the emotions that ran through me, I still cannot. One of the great fears I had throughout this process was that we would never finish. Never have a baby.
We have one that we love and are so excited to have be a part of our world.
Another proud moment.


6blessings said...

That's an awesome feeling! Congratulations Mom!

Kay B said...

Your journey to get to your son is done. Now, on to the next journey of parenthood!
That registration must be a wonderful feeling! And a special milestone in your journey.

MMrussianadoption said...

Ok I just teared up.