Sunday, September 09, 2007

Post Placement: Year 1

Right before my surgery, we found a new social worker. The last one we had for his six month PPR (Post Placement Report) met with us over lunch in a restaurant. We only spent 45 minutes with her, and the report showed it.

The recommendation for this one came from a friend of mine whose son is also from Russia. This woman is WONDERFUL.

She came over to the apartment, spent several hours with us observing us, our interaction with Connor, and what he's up to.

The bottom line is we're doing great things with him, he's made wonderful strides, and to keep doing what we're doing as he's heading in the right direction. *AHHHH*

Can I just say that we slept very well that evening.

I can't believe he's been home just shy of a year. In some ways it seems so much shorter ... and in others, like he's been with us forever.

Yesterday I took him for his two year check up.

He's 34 1/2 inches tall and 24 1/2 pounds.

When he came home he was 16 pounds and 29 inches. A year ago, he wasn't even waving to the size charts. Not even in the same room with them. (Ok, his height was at the 1 percentile, but you know what I mean.) This year? Smack dab where he should be.

I slept well last night, too.

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