Friday, October 19, 2007


Connor is feeling better.

So much better, in fact, that when I asked him if he felt better, he responded with his "all better" sign.

Its not a typical sign, however.

My husband puts Connor to bed every night. One of his favorite books is the Hungry Caterpillar. When he gets towards the end of the book, there is a passage that says, "And he felt much better." (Paraphrased for now, as the book is in the room with the sleeping child.

When they get to that part, my husband rubs his tummy up and down and says, "All better," until Connor repeats it back to him. Its gotten to be a very cute game for them both.

So today, when I asked how he felt, he replied with his sign for, "All better."

He even giggled as he did it. My baby is back to normal.

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Debbie said...

So glad Connor is better. Sounds like it was a very rough time for you both.