Sunday, October 21, 2007


I've been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now, but things have been a little crazy around here lately. :)

We made the decision to send our son to a small Monstessori school nearby last spring. He'd been home for close to six months by that point and was showing very good signs of positive attachment. So we started him for just two mornings a week. Just enough to get a little socialization with kids his own age, and learn proper respect for people that weren't his parents.

Evidently it worked.

We had our first Parent/Teacher Conference at school a couple of weeks ago. His teacher was very pleased with his progress, said he was "Doing great!" But the best compliment that she could have given us was this: "He's friends with everyone. He enjoys playing with every child in the class, and also is content to just play by himself when he needs to." She went on to mention that its pretty rare to run across a child that will be friends with everyone at this age. He's in the toddler class with other one and two year olds.

What a joy to hear.


Espe said...

Hi! My husband and I are at the beginning stages of adopting from Russia and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your HONESTY---its refreshing!
I was especially taken by one of your 2006 posts titled SAVING. I have noticed (especially LATELY) that some Pre and Post Adoptive Parents I've spoken with do think that they are "saving" a child instead of just loving a child (by adding them to their family). I was curious if the single adoptive mom you spoke about during your stay last year was called Michele?
Just chuckling at the possibility that it might be the woman I spoke with just the other day....
Take care and God Bless your family!

espe said...


Christine said...

I just went to four of my 10 kids parent-techer conferences today and I heard similar things. Isn't it wonderful to hear that our children are doing so well?

God Bless.