Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another one ...

... bites the dust.

Or in this case, our holiday. :)

The In-Laws came down for the holiday and a fun time was had by all. Little Man performed on cue. DH behaved. Said In-Laws behaved as well. *AHHHH* Sheer bliss.

We had family portraits taken today. Wow, how our little man has grown. Last Turkey Day, he could fit in the crook of our arm. This one? HA! He was the child that did not want to be contained. It was a riot to see.

I've started working at the local gourmet tea store one day a week. I've only been at it a few weeks, and I still get the once-a-shift call of "Get home NOW, or you will find me bald." from my DH.

Rather amusing. He's been loving spending the time with him, but is starting to appreciate that I'm not kidding when I say that he was really active that day. LOL

I miss the days when more than one person commented. Is anyone out there?

Quick: What infamous band had a song named "Is there anyone out there?"

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