Friday, November 09, 2007


When we first brought you home, you were so tiny. At 12 months, you weighed 16 pounds and were 29 inches long. You were so skinny and small that you were wearing clothes fo a six month old, and they were big.

You certianly have made up for all that! Over the past 13 months that you have been home, you have gained weight and grown. MY HAVE YOU GROWN! You are now wearing a size 3T-4T depending on the clothes, and are over 37 inches tall! You're still skinny, but we no longer see your ribs, and we no longer worry if you're OK. Turns out, you are meant to be slender and tall.

Life could be worse. :)

You're entering another growth spurt, which puts you in a VERY tall category. You're going to tower over your Daddy and I.

Now if we can only get you to say "Dada" instead of calling him "Mama", we'd be in good shape.


Espe said...

Wow! He's really been growing! My daughter's 3 and she's 36 inches! This gives me a great deal of hope!
I was wondering if you ever heard of the old wives tale (our pediatrician mentioned this--HA!) that if you double the height of your child at the two year check up its roughly what his or hers adult height will?

Debbie said...

My he has grown a lot.