Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Man

You're becoming such a little man. I am surprised by you each and every day.

Today I was at work all day, and when you and Daddy came to have lunch with me at the store, you pointed to my apron and said, "Mamma, off." So off the apron went, and off we went to the food court. You had fun swiping bacon from my baked potato, meat from Daddy's cheesesteak, and you LOVED your seasoned fries. Not the best lunch, but for you, a great afternoon snack. :)

Tonite, as I was putting you to bed (you wore your poor Daddy out and he was in bed before you!) I said, "Mamma wants a kiss." You leaned over and laid one on me. My heart just about exploded. You've been so affectionate lately, and its been wonderful to see.

For the first time yesterday I asked you to smile when I took a picture of you. And to my surprise, you DID! Your constantly smile, so I never have to ask, I guess I just never realize all I had to do was ask, but wow, what a great treat!

We are praying and hoping that the hitting phase (Mommy and Daddy only, thankfully) is passing us ...

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