Monday, July 12, 2010


I haven't written in a while, but that doesn't mean nothing has happened in my world.

1. I lost my mother. She died peacefully while taking a nap one afternoon. No, it was not recently.
2. The six weeks before that happened saw me in the ER for people in my family thee times.
3. The two weeks after saw me in the ER.
4. The relationship between my son's former school and our family deteriorated to the point where we decided to pull him. We had a meeting with the school Director his final day to let them know he would no longer be returning.

1. We moved him to a school that saw a complete 180 degree turn within the first two days.
2. We celebrated having our son in our life for over 3 1/2 years.
3. We are touched and humbled that even though his last school situation was a disaster, the new one is encouraging promotion to kindergarten -- a year early!
4. We learned to move on without Mom. We are sad for our loss, but not devastated. She was sick for so long that it wasn't a surprise, just a shock when it finally did happen. We miss her, certainly, but we realize that she was suffering much more than she wasn't.

I have several things I need to write about:
1. Finding my birth mother; and then losing her.
2. Realizing why Mom did things the way she did. (Hint: No, its not too late. We still talk.)
3. Enjoying "normalcy" and appreciating "boring".
4. Gratitude.

I didn't set out to make lists of things; but thats what happened. I'll expand on most of those things at a later date. Right now, i'm sitting in the dark, appreciating all I have and grateful for the people in my world.

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